Spring Market!
May 24th, 2016 by Wendy

I will say this: I’m terrible at taking a LOT of photographs. Sorry, I just get caught up and forget to capture the moments. So there are no photos of most of the people we met, the things we saw, the food we ate, the activities we enjoyed…

Let’s talk food first.

Vosen's BakeryLR







Vosen’s Bread Paradise: if you read about a German bakery with all sorts of goodies, I think you’d have to circle the block a few times like we did. This is a pretzel embedded with parmigiano reggiano cheese. Oh gosh- crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside, slightly salty, and cheesy. Delish. I bought Pat a “Berliner” described as “the mother of all donuts”, light, not greasy, filled with raspberry marmelade.

pizzaLRsaladLRgelato choicesLRgelatoLR








Settebello Pizzeria Napoletana and Capo Gelateria: Opened in 2005, this appears to be the real deal, with the Italian owner watching over his pizza & gelato kingdom. The pizzas, cooked in a wood fired brick oven, come out quickly, piping hot, and perfect. We had a simple crushed tomato, buffalo mozzarella, and basil pizza with a salad with a thin slice of parmigiano reggiano cheese & balsamic vinegar smear, thin slice of prociutto, dab of goat cheese, and lemon juice. I almost couldn’t eat another bite, but we had to walk across the old wooden floor, through the door in the wall, to the Gelateria: oh, yes we did! It was hard to choose and to order the small size, but we had some restraint. When we searched for a recycle bin for the plastic cups and spoons, the owner gestured for us to throw it in the trash. As his gestures got more vigorous, we did as we were told. He came over to thank us for coming to his restaurant and welcome us back. I wish I could go back this weekend!

big viewLR







And then there was Spring Market in Hall C! You can see why we needed our strength! More next time.

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