December 31, 2016
December 31st, 2016 by Wendy

What a crazy year! But enough about that. (I’d rather forget blood clots, Influenza A, the loss of Leonard Cohen, and so much more…)

Next month I’ll have the totals for my annual List Letter, totaling up creative endeavors, movies watched, books read and more. As a list maker, it’s easy to add up all the things NOT done, so years ago I started listing all the accomplishments. Much better for my state of being—

And now, for the Christmas Stockings made for my son’s family for their first Christmas in their first home.

I ordered fabric from Spoonflower, from “pet friendly”, to make the two corgi themed stockings. Then since I’m a cat person, I had to make a cat themed stocking too! Go to and search by theme, design or by designer. I love the fabrics by “pet friendly” and she says she can scale up or down the patterns, change the colors, all sorts of stuff, if you’ll only message her. Next time I order, I’ll order something other than the basic cotton, which is a bit on the thin side. It arrived promptly and washed beautifully (I followed their instructions).








I ordered the corgi’s in sweaters and the text fabric (eat sploot frap repeat- which means something to corgi owners). I had the cat fabric on my contemporary Japanese (and look alikes) shelf. I rustled through my fabrics for the stocking top band, heel, toe, and lining,  but only found one I liked. I hit a local store and found some Christmas fabrics on sale- woo hoo!.



















The cute corgi’s in Christmas Sweaters turned out to be smaller than I imagined. Spoonflower does have photographs with measuring tapes on two sides, so you can imagine the scale, so I think it was my problem. Next time I will probably order a sample swatch before making the final order.


Meanwhile, I caught Influenza A in Salem, meaning I spent a week in bed without doing any of the family get togethers, including going to Portland to wake up Christmas morning with Lucas and Colleen and my grand puppy Korben, meeting up with friends, or going to the Bolt Fabric Boutique Sale. But, my sister-in-law kept sewing E’s all along, as I watched from afar. Her daughter is E crazy and she wants a very specific color story for her new bed quilt. There are two styles of E’s with some mirror image blocks. We are calling it “Etaupia” or “Etopia” or???

Here is what we have so far:








And now, time for a toes up rest. I’m still getting over the influenza, and then I think I’ll be getting over the getting over—- See you next year!

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  • Tierney Davis Hogan writes:
    January 19th, 20172:04 pmat

    I want to try spoonflower sometime! I love the fabric you got and those stocking are cool! I think it would be fun to design a fabric on spoonflower too!

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