Snowmageddon 2017
January 15th, 2017 by Wendy

Snowman in BendLR







Before the Snowmageddon Saga begins, I have to start with this photo of a traveling snowman, spotted at the pet supply store in east Bend. Lots of us took photos- what a bright spot in our day!!!

I’m afraid to ask “What could happen next?”, because when I asked my husband that on Friday afternoon, we were forced to evacuate our house a few hours later because our carbon monoxide alarm had gone off at 10:30pm. We were told by the 911 operator to walk out now, but when you are in PJ’s, and it’s close to zero degrees outside and you have two cats, and you don’t know if you can go back in…..well, if you’re me, you do take time to put on good boots, a warm jacket and try to grab the cats. One went into the carrier while the other hid and was left behind, but after an hour or so, we were allowed back in the house— with the water heater and furnace turned off. Our garage was toxic, but the levels in our house were minimal- the garage got aired out with the door open, and our house similarly aired with open windows and ceiling fans going.

So with trepidation, we do wonder what is next. Here’s the story so far: it’s been snowing, and snowing, and snowing in Central Oregon. Bend is just about as poorly off as we are in Sunriver. The only reason the fire department could open our garage door Friday night is that we had the garage door opener and springs replaced that afternoon. See The List below.

Jan 2017 5LR 7 Ashwood- frontLR

7 Ashwood backLR

Jan 2017 6LR






From left to right:

View from our car, heading out of our garage towards the street. Don’t see the street? Straight ahead is the pile of snow from plowing our street, with a snow cluttered driveway and street at the base of the snow hill.

This is the front of our house. The mound? That’s David’s truck.

This is the back of our house. Notice the snow mound on the deck and roof.

This is the front of our house from across the street. The snow pile in the  middle is “common area” on our cul-de-sac.


Of course, we’ve never seen this much snow on our roof in the over 20 year’s we’ve lived here. Oh sure, we’ve gotten a lot of snow in the past, but not all at once in a few days. Of course, with all of Bend, Sunriver and the rest of Central Oregon eager to get snow removal, we couldn’t find anyone to clear our roof. Then we did- on Friday- and our roof is now clear of snow. But that snow has to go somewhere!



back deck:roofLRback deck 2LRfront window viewLR








What has happened already? In the previous post I mentioned the ongoing vein saga (procedure postponed because of illness, to be rescheduled), the Influenza A, the follow up bacterial secondary infection (last antibiotic today) and then just before Christmas, the 12 year old stove’s control panel stopped working.  Because the space for the drop in stove in the center island is small (and appliances are bigger now), we had the choice of remodeling the kitchen or replacing the control panel. Guess what we did? ($$ not $$$$$$$$$$$$)

Then the roof clearing- it was both a bargain and a chunk of money. ($$)

Then on Thursday, with me feeling better, we planned to go to Bend and do errands. Not knowing our gargage door was frozen to the ground in a spot outside, we opened the garage door from the inside. Sproing and POP!!!! Oh yes, a spring sprung (broke) and so did the garage door opener. Okay, it was old when we bought the house 20 years ago, but come on…. did it have to break now? We were lucky to get it replaced Friday afternoon($$$)

Now the carbon monoxide problem. Our furnace, a year old, will shut down before it vents carbon monoxide, we learned when the furnace tech guy came out Saturday morning ($). He declared the furnace fine and turned it back on. So far so good with the furnace, but the hot water heater is the only culprit left for the carbon monoxide.

And it is old too. We installed it over 20 years ago now. We’ve learned that is old for a hot water heater but geez, the time has really just flown by without a problem, until now. We’ll find out Monday why the hot water heater is spewing carbon monoxide, but we hope it’s coincidental/old age and not because of the snow clearing on our roof that triggered the problem by way of the vent. Those guys worked really hard for several hours.


front from drivewayLR






This is the entrance to our house. Our house is surrounded by snow drifts, because like I said earlier, the snow from the roof had to go somewhere. Rain is in the forecast, so we are afraid to ask “what’s next”, because if it rains and rains and rains, then we’ll have too much water. I’m going to do a bit of sewing and wait for Monday to secure a plumber (none available over the weekend)….

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    Oh my goodness! Now I see it – yikes!

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