What Happens in Lincoln, Nebraska……
June 4th, 2017 by Wendy

Before flying to Lincoln, Nebraska on April 26, for the national Studio Art Quilt Associates conference, in conjunction with The International Quilt Study Center & Museum at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, I started fooling around with these two fabrics and the triangle shapes. I’m in the process of quilting the finished top now— so stay tuned to see how it turned out! P.S. I found the perfect Sulky Blendable thread in my big box of Blendables— white, black and blue!!!!










In retrospect, Pat and I should have known there would be trouble when a woman, who walked on the plane in Denver, had to be assisted off the plane and put into a wheelchair, after coughing her guts out during the flight. Everything was fine for Wednesday and Thursday- a group of us trekked around downtown Lincoln, including going to the Great Plans Museum to see a quilt show and taking Uber to Sweet Minou to buy coffee and chocolate.

1st Stop Lincoln

Downtown LIncoln 1

Downtown Lincoln 2

S. Minou 3







Notice the brick buildings and the wide, clean, sidewalks. I waited for people to pass- no the town is not deserted! I started following Sweet Minou on Instagram before arriving in Lincoln and we all agreed, it was worth the short Uber driver.

S. Minou 2

S.Minou 1







I presented one of 16 “Lightening Talks”. These are fast paced slide shows, with 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. With 20 seconds between talks, there was just enough time to scoot to the stage and start speaking. I love this format, which forces the speaker to carefully choose what to say. No rambling with only 20 seconds!!! But 20 seconds is quite long enough to say something meaningful. I ended my talk with this image- and thought- maybe my 16 year old self would not be surprised what my 60 something self was getting up to!








But by Friday night, we were both sick with a respiratory illness, complete with severe aching neck and body, chills and fevers, headache, extreme “yuck” when standing up, etc. I missed the private tours at the Quilt Study Center, the banquet dinner and spotlight auction, hanging out in the lobby with fellow SAQA members, meals, and much of Sunday morning. On Saturday afternoon, I did drag myself across the street to Misty’s to get a beef burger and fries. I stopped to take a photo of a cool place to hang out on the street corner.

Downtown LIncoln 3

Downtown LIncoln 4

Misty's burger







I did get to hear the Michael James keynote speech Sunday morning. Our extra day in Lincoln were spent at Urgent Care to discover we had Influenza B and the hotel lobby and airport. It was a miserable flight home through Minneapolis, Salt Lake City, and Redmond. Then followed the next four weeks of misery with Influenza B and recovery and doctor visits and labwork and inhaler use. 

Near the end of May I woke up in the Land of the Living!!! I rustled up a failed upcycled tee shirt that ended up way too large for me. Even though it was the same size as the purchased shirt that I used as a model, it didn’t drape at all. The shirt stayed stuffed in the sewing room closet until last week, when I had insight about taking 8 inches out of the width while maintaining the overall integrity of the pattern.

Here is the front:

8 Tee upcycle FrontLR

detail front centerLR

Detail front right LR







Here is the back:

8 Tee upcycle BackLR

detail back centerLR

detail Back rightLR

detail Back leftLR







Hopefully, I will stay well!!!

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  • Tierney Hogan writes:
    June 4th, 201710:43 pmat

    Bummer you were ill during the conference. It seemed like such a cool opportunity to attend. Enjoyed the photos your shared :-)

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