Cats and Lemons
July 21st, 2017 by Wendy


Cooper the Cat is “king of the Cal King bed”. How sweet of us to provide him with such a nice cat bed!

And, Cooper is still obsessed with fresh corn on the cob. No corn on the cob during the fall, winter or spring, but come summer, Cooper still loves corn!


king kitty cooper 2017LRcooper still obsessed with cornLR







Living in a “rural” area, it’s not easy to find a fresh lemon when you need one, especially in winter. So I buy in bulk, when lemons are harvested in the USA, and freeze the juice and zest. I bought the zester over 15 years ago- it’s still sharp and easy to use. The lemon squeezer gadget is new – I found it in Bend at Gingers’ Housewares in the Old Mill Shopping Center, across from REI and next door to the Spice Shop. It’s heavy (must be good!) and is ratcheted, which means I don’t have to squeeze as hard to get the same effect.




zest packagesLR

rinds, juicerLR







I freeze the zest and the lemon juice. One zest package equals “the zest of 1 lemon”. Each ice cube is 2 tablespoons. This means we can enjoy lemon-mustard-herb chicken in the dead of winter or almond butter cookies with lemon zest. And much more.









I’ve been in a bit of a lull since recovering from Influenza B and having another vein procedure. I’m on the mend and starting to poke around the sewing room, even finishing some things, and starting more. Photos coming….


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  • Tierneycreates writes:
    July 23rd, 20179:48 amat

    What a fantastic idea to freeze the zest leftover instead of tossing it! Cooper looks cozy 😀

    No more influenza for you! Don’t be greedy 😉

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