Fabric Collecting, Socks, Cute Dirty Dog, and a Contest
November 3rd, 2017 by Wendy

I’m working – a bit secretively- on a quilt with the tentative title “The Incredible Flying Circus Geese”. I’ve constructed the geese bits and other fillers. I have my layout. Now I’m putting it all together, tediously, because there is no grid and it’s slow, but it’s exciting too.

I have an almost life-long habit of collecting fabric snips as I shop for fabrics for a project. I cut little squares and glue them to a sheet of paper- fast & cheap. As the collection grows, so do the little squares on paper. I’ll list the benefits below, meanwhile, here are the sheets for my current project:














• The snips on paper help me sort through the abundance of fabric in any given shop or the leftovers in my closet. At first, the snips help me shape the vision I have in my head; later the snips act as a filter to sift out fabrics that don’t belong.

• Actually cutting the little swatches and gluing them gives my mind time to wander. Wandering is good for creativity! (Check out the book Bored and Brilliant by Manoush Zamorodi, 2017).

• And I like having the visual record after the quilt is finished: no apologies for my Wendy-isms.


Made in America Wool Socks

I’ve turned to 1/4 crew and lightweight half crew socks because I now wear compression socks. See the beautiful orchid legs in the sock photo? Yes, compression socks come in colors and styles! The compression is the squeeziest at the ankle, with reduced compression up the sock- who knew? Socks that squeeze some more are not comfortable.

So back to the socks:

Farm to Feet (farmtofeet.com) brags that their ingredients and manufacturing are 100% USA. Socks for men, socks for women, socks of all sorts. Check them out. Meanwhile, I love the quality and comfort. And I’m going to buy more— lots of colors and styles to choose from.








Goodhew is a sock company with the promise “crafted in the USA” (but no word on the materials). I decided to give them a chance because socks in my size (big foot) are hard to find.









Dog Break- this is Korben (my grandpuppy) ready to come out of the bath.

Korben bath dayLR







And now, the Random Drawing. I enjoyed the random drawing last week, so when I saw these at a grocery store, I knew another drawing could be in the works. So leave a comment- about the photo and anything else in this post, and you might win a small prize (if you live in North America). Does anyone else collect fabric snips as they collect fabric? Fave socks? Cute Dog or Cat photos? What the heck is in the photo? Comment by November 15th to be eligible…

PS: Guess before reading any of the comments, and if you know for sure what it is, you might want to make something up just for fun of it (in addition to the answer). All comments are entered into the drawing, right, wrong or fantastical.





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  • Christine writes:
    November 3rd, 201712:22 pmat


  • tierneycreates writes:
    November 5th, 201711:47 amat

    Those socks are cool! Having long feet (size 11) I am always on the hunt for good socks! The new piece you are working on sounds fun; and your granddog is adorable!

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