Hello Eclipse, Good-bye August
Aug 29th, 2017 by Wendy









Since it was crazy where I live near the path of “totality”, I decided to go over to Salem and experience TOTALITY not just a partial eclipse. WOW! We nearly didn’t see the crescent shadows on the ground from the second story deck. Our heads were spinning around trying to take it all in: the corona, the deep indigo sky, stars, bats, the blue light (turned our white sheet and white chair blue).









What’s an Eclipse Party without Eclipse Shortbread Cookies? Less calories! We saw these on the Internet and just had to make our own version, with only the best butter, flour, sugar and chocolate.


high desert bloomLR

over in The ValleyLR






I can’t emphasize enough the differences between living at high altitude in the high desert VS living over in The Valley where yes, it does rain a lot, but jeez, the flowers, the colors, the lush life!!!



Deanies WeeniesLR


really good creme brulee Wild Pear SalemLR






While in Salem, I found this wonderful manhole cover on the sidewalk, in downtown. I attended a fundraiser and had to try “Deanie’s Weenies”. They use a bun from a local bakery, made just for them, buttered, toasted and filled with deliciousness. YUM. A lunch at Wild Pear Restaurant ended with creme brulee. I meant to photograph it BEFORE I ate it, but it was too good!


sillydogartglasscomLRart in high desert 2017LR

James Nemnich 2017LR






Back home, I browsed the Art in the High Desert on opening day. I bought a small “reverse painted fused glass” magnet by Silly Dog Art Glass (Cheryl Chapman, sillydogartglass.com). That night a phone call revealed I’d won $100 in “Art Bucks”. Back the next day, I had to decide how to spend my moola: a sweatshirt? more fused glass? a ceramic salad bowl? jewelry? something practical? I decided to go with whimsical at the booth of James Nemnich. Check out his website to see his larger pieces: www.nemnich.com. I selected this┬ásmall original piece of art because it reminded me of a much larger piece in his booth. And because it made me smile.

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