A Mansard Roof Chocolate Cake & More
Apr 13th, 2017 by Wendy







For a family dinner, I made the family recipe for a chocolate cake. I used Seco cocoa, per my son’s tweeking of the recipe. It was delicious! However, I didn’t realize the oven rack was tilted- so the cake baked tilted- somewhat like a Mansard Roof, or perhaps, a Half Mansard Roof.


E Quilt in SalemLR

EQ in SalemLR






While in Salem, the E Quilt (E-Taupia or E-Some! or ???) went to live with Ericka. I’m really thankful I got to be a part of this collaboration with 3 women (mother, aunt and niece).









A trip to IKEA led to this purchase of three fabrics, a soap dispenser, and one more folded little purse. Back home, the dispenser fits right in!




back deck 2LR







We woke up to snow this morning! It felt a little like an alien world, with snow-frosting glopped on the bitter brush and trees. Can’t resist showing the “before” snow pile with the “current” snow pile left today. Oh yeah, so sad to see that pile go (not). We haven’t inspected closely, but it looks like our deck survived!

Ready to Quilt
Sep 26th, 2010 by Wendy

This is the Big Happy Two (a.k.a. “Sew As If You Have Vaseline On Your Glasses”) scrap quilt. I started with a $3 scrap bag from the Stitching Post, in Sisters, Oregon and my Tub ‘O Strips- a storage container full of leftovers. (Since I buy for projects, calculated to within a few inches, I just about only have leftover strips, but that’s another story.)

I use 505 Spray and Fix (in the blue and orange can) with plenty of ventilation to baste the quilt layers together. Then I stitch a grid with Vanish water-soluble thread (by Superior). Treated this way, the quilt top can be handled without a care during the quilting process. It’s worth it to me.

After practicing a bit, I’m going to dive in and start quilting on my little Bernina 155. If the idea is a success, I’ll use it on the next quilt. Keep your fingers crossed and check out my progress over the next few days. I don’t promise not to whine, but I’ll keep it to a minimum!

“Sew Like Pat, Fish Like David” Table Runner
Jul 18th, 2010 by Wendy

Our Mountain Meadow Quilt Guild, in collaboration with The Village Mall at Sunriver, holds an outdoor quilt show every August. The women of MMQG hold workshops to learn about and make items for the annual fundraiser bazaar held at the outdoor show. In exchange for the free workshop, an item must be donated to the sale.

I took the table runner workshop offered by Pat Pease and Sheila Finzer, who each presented their approach to string piecing. Using all scraps (except for the 1/8 yard I bought for the binding on side one) I made this reversible table runner to donate. I had to break out my 2nd book to read up on my reversible double French fold binding technique, but it was like riding a bicycle (it all came back to me- not that it was hard and I fell!).

I brought a tub o’ strips to share. I shouted with glee as people took masses of strips for their table runners, so how did I come home with more strips than my original pile?  Turns out rascal Pat dumped her tub o’ strips into  my pile!!

Fish like David? Well, check out the little piece of trout fabric- it’s the last bit of this fabric I had!

Saturday Circles
Jun 16th, 2010 by Wendy

I found this mystery item at The Big Sale in Medford, buried on the kitchen gadget table, on sale for 12 1/2 cents. Hey, it was half-price day.

I photographed it against a placemat, to show off the stainless steel sheet with holes in it.

On the back a sticker said “Made in Korea”, so this must be a finished item, not an orphaned part of something else.

I don’t usually buy things “on speculation”, but I just had to speculate about this.What is it? Who owned it before me? How old is it? What will I do with it? When will I put it in a garage sale?

June 13: UFO! Unidentified Found Object, that is.

Saturday Circles
May 29th, 2010 by Wendy

I’m turning squares into circles. It’s a Saturday thing. Next comes the bias tape, for bias covered curves (instead of piecing the curve)!

May 29: Straw Into Gold

More Sewing in the No Planning Zone
May 25th, 2010 by Wendy

I originally thought I’d play around in the No Planning Zone for a few days, but of course, it always takes longer than we think. If we knew how much time and trouble was in front of us, would we embark on new adventures?

I tried dark blue sashing strips, but I didn’t like it. The blue is too dark and looks like the bars of a jail cell. My beautiful blocks look like they are serving time behind bars!

I had two fabrics leftover from the $3 scrap bag, so I tried them. I love the way my Circling the Square blocks have been set free. I’m estimating the quilt will measure 45″ by 65″ with these blocks- I think I should call it quits here. Besides, the $3 scrap bag is just about empty.

Sewing in the No Planning Zone…
May 22nd, 2010 by Wendy

I needed too much concentration to work on the free motion sea creatures and I am still looking for a quarter-circle template to work on a quilt for my friend Krista, so I started this adventure with a $3 bag of scraps purchased at the Stitching Post. I’m raiding my Tub ‘O Strips, a big plastic container filled with every leftover strip and scrap I used to toss out. There is no planning ahead.

I’ll tell you why I like planning ahead. One, I explore and play and try out things in my mind. I’m very visual and this works for me. Two, I don’t like to get boxed into a corner. If I think things through first, I can avoid dead ends. Three, it’s how my mind works, so of course, it seems “right” to me. Or should I say it seems “left” to me- left brained that is.

I did run into a dead end while trying to make the outer round of blocks for this quilt. The first were too big- just out of scale (no photo). I cut them into smaller units. These looked too busy. Actually, they looked like the fabrics were held in place at gunpoint. They did not want to be there (see photo). When Pat called to say she was making those scrappy string pieced blocks I taught in a workshop a few years ago, I remembered that this thought had crossed my mind before I started constructing the more complicated blocks.

Maybe I wanted to try something new; maybe I didn’t think it through enough since I’m in the No Planning Zone. Maybe I should try these blocks- I did and I love them (see Saturday Circles, May 22). Message to Krista: I’m just going to make my own template with cardboard and get going on your quilt! And: I have an idea to share with you after I get the blocks zigzagged!

Saturday Circles
Feb 21st, 2010 by Wendy

Bobbins make my world go around. With the bobbin held in the bobbin case, the hook race arcs back and forth, forming lock stitches at a dizzying rate of about 800 stitches per minute. While my sewing machine performs these hundreds of small miracles every minute- perfectly formed stitches- I perceive my quilting progress at the slow rate of about 18 inches a day.

Circles on the bobbins, circle motions in the bobbin case, cycles of the creative process repeat themselves with each project, the rotation of the earth, the revolving of planets around the sun, galaxies spinning around the universe, time marching on a circular path from October 10th to October 10th and I get a year older with each orbit. The wonder of life in our universe is everywhere.

February 20: Mysteries of the Multiverse

I’ve Got Them Trained, Part 2
Feb 10th, 2010 by Wendy

Down The Hatch!

The squirrel has learned the secret of the Sasquatch in the Red Coat: peanuts. Or maybe Mr. Squirrel has a Blue Jay Identity Complex?

The sounds of spring are in the air, even as we still have snow on the ground and below freezing temperatures. It’s the sound of the busy little birds- the nuthatches, mountain chickadees, and junco’s. When they return to Sunriver, spring is sure to follow.

As winter comes to an end, so am I finishing a quilt project started ages ago. Although it was never officially a UFO (UnFinished Object), I did put it aside quite a few times. With spring comes the birds and new projects. Oh boy!

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