Saturday Circles
Oct 10th, 2010 by Wendy

On July 9th, I met Kay Pederson at a French Flea Market, where she and Carol Reece had a vendor booth for their “Funky, Fabulous Jewelry Composed of Collectibles, Curiosities, and other fun stuff”.

She loved my Skinny Scarf- on impulse, I took it off and handed it to her to try out. She turned it into a fashion statement! She gave it back, and I wandered around the other vendor booths. On the way back to my car, I impulsively (again) suggested a trade: a skinny scarf for one of her creations, incorporating my zipper pulls. She delightfully agreed.

I made more Skinny Scarves- she chose her favorite. She made my bracelet. I met her in Sisters yesterday, where she fitted it to my wrist and finished the closure. WOW- she went beyond my wildest dreams!

October 9: Bartering Makes the World Go Round!

Saturday Circles, Sort Of…
Sep 19th, 2010 by Wendy

It’s not Saturday and the circles are questionable. But I will carry on. (Click on the photos to view them larger.)

I shocked myself with new skinny scarf ideas. I rustled up (from left to right) wool challis remnants, a rayon batik purchased “on speculation” almost 20 years ago (at Heidi’s Fabrics in Grass Valley, California), and a batch of silk scraps picked up at Pacific International Quilt Festival in 2008. Curious about how other fabrics would work, I had to make three more scarves. I like them, but seriously, no more skinny scarves!

The Hermiston watermelon traveled to Medford with us on September 6th. What a beauty! Since then, I’ve also devoured a honeydew melon and turned 4 plus pounds of Gravenstein apples into one more large pie to eat immediately and five two serving small pies for the freezer. Round pies!

It’s pouring rain but soon enough we’ll have snow on the ground. Ideas go round and round, things started do get finished, the seasons roll along from one to the other, melon memories linger until another crop in a new season.

September 19: “I live in every widening circles” (an idea borrowed from the poet Rainer Maria Rilke)

Skinny Scarves
Aug 15th, 2010 by Wendy

What’s not to like about shot cottons, silks and rayons? The batch of Skinny Scares, about 1″ by 280″,  is finally finished. It’s a scarf, it’s a necklace, it’s a belt, it’s a turban…it’s a fun accessory!

This is my new logo: a “W” and “H” in a circle- Wendy Hill Original.

This morning I felt confident I’d never make another one, but now, short segments of black and white fabrics sounds like a lot of fun…someone has to stop me!

Winter Wonderland
Nov 22nd, 2009 by Wendy

What a difference 12 hours makes! Last night, we cooked chicken on the bar-be-que. This morning, we have about a foot of snow.

After wearing out  SmartWool  socks a pair at a time, I hit the SmartWool sock sales going on in Bend. Now I have 4 pairs to wear out this winter! And a SmartWool Scarf. I will keep warm!!!

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