A Bowling Ball, Broken Glass, Collage Class & Looking Up, then Down – Plus Cats
Oct 27th, 2017 by Wendy

bowling ballLR






This is the New Improved View outside the kitchen window. A friend found bowling balls at Scrap in Portland, and I had to have the red one. My husband found the perfect location while I was out of town. I love it!!! And he loves that it is out of the garage.








….. and then SNAP! Just like that, one piece turned into two pieces of glass. We should have skipped going to the chain store that does framing (and sells craft supplies) and headed straight to the local Affordable Frame Shop, with two locations in Salem, for better customer service and better prices.











These are the collage art of four residents at a memory care facility. We supplied a large bowl of big scraps and a small bowl of buttons and sequins and other three dimensional things. We genuinely had a fun time. The activities directer said she was going to do more activities with collage (only not with white glue on a white plate to brush onto white paper).


Salem trees #1LR

Salem trees #3LR

Salem trees #4LR

Salem trees #2LR

Salem trees #5






What’s more dangerous than texting & walking? Looking up & photographing trees while walking! Worth it!!!


Salem leaves LR






Then I looked down- a carpet of leaves, in all sorts of colors.


Izzy -Oct 2017LR

Cooper Oct. 2017LR






Izzy the Cat loves to sneak into the kitchen after we’ve finished cleaning up and left the room. Curled up on the still-warm stove, Izzy is not happy about being disturbed. Cooper the Cat has various favorite sleeping spots, such as laundry right out of the dryer or this cat window seat in the sewing room. I know, we are bad, indulgent cat parents.


I’ve been out of town, but I’m home, and will be sewing soon- stay tuned for another sneak peek of the latest Mystery Quilt. (Mystery to you, the viewer. I am in charge of this project, yet, it’s still a bit of a mystery to me.)

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